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AUG Trustees President

I am truly honoured for this opportunity to have been elected as the newChairman of the Board of Trustees. I thank for your outstanding leadership and genuine commitment as well as your valuable advice.

I am highly delighted to speak to you from an independent, higher education institution- Al-Azhar University, a university established by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the basic, fundamental aim of which is to be a lighted candle in the course of higher education. It isentirely devoted toexcellence in the field of teaching, learning, and research. It is an institution in which the Palestinian community- let it be cadres and students- is very proud of. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the same strong feeling that we,theChairman of the Board of Trustees andthe distinguished members, have.

Since its establishment twenty-seven years ago, Al-Azhar University has become a major, central institution among the Palestinian universities, due to its excellence at the scientific, social and cultural level. All thanks goes to the Lord of the World-Allah- and to the tremendous, heroic effort made by its fist founder the late President Yasser Arafat and by the valuable, enormous contribution by His Excellency Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who, without any hesitation, strongly continues to support the university. As a leading Palestinian institution, Al-Azhar University is widely known by its highly qualified 434 academic members and administrative staff. Undoubtedly, this tremendous success and achievement will foster our culture, preserve national identity and promote the latest developments in the field of scientific discovery and human resource.

The Al-Azhar University has been established with the prime purpose of remaining a supporting pillar in science, teaching and knowledge, despite the bitter, painful reality we, the Palestinian people, have been confronting.

We in the Board of Trustees are fully committed to standing by our people, with the aim of bearing responsibility and facing all the difficulties and challenges, so that our university remains in a position of standing out among the best universities, locally and regionally. 

Thank you for your attention

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ibrach

Chairman, Board of Trustees