To offer service for local and public Palestinian community

Who can benefit from us?


We offer consultation and service regarding instrumental analysis for academics and students at our university and other universities in Gaza to help them carry out their scientific researches. Moreover, the Center organizes learning courses on advanced pharmaceutical analysis topics.

Ministry of Health

The Center carries out quality control tests for newly imported drugs which are demanded as a condition for registration at the Ministry of Health to judge accepting or rejecting the product. Moreover, the Center cooperates with the Ministry of Health in routine testing of registered drugs to ensure quality. The Center offers detailed quality control certificate to indicate if the drug conforms or not with official specifications.

Ministry of Justice

The Center offers the possibility to test different toxic and addictive substances.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)

The Center offers the possibility to test the quality of drugs donated to Gaza through UNRWA.

Pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors

The Center offers follow up services during the process of drug production, and for the finished pharmaceutical dosage form to ensure quality.

Collaborative research projects

The Center looks forwards to cooperate with other scientific institutions worldwide to carry out modern drug researches.