IUG Staff

Dr. Wael Al Daya

Head of Business & Research Unit

Email: wdaya@iugaza.edu.ps

Dr. Wasim Al-Habil

Vice Dean, Community

Servic&Continuing Education

Email: walhabil@iugaza.edu.ps

Dr. Khalid Dahleez

Project Manager of Matching BA Students' Skills and Knowledge to Labor Market Needs

Email; kdahleez@iugaza.edu.ps

Eng. Amani El Magadma

International projects and Partnerships Officer

Email: aelmgadma@iugaza.edu.ps

Ms. Hadeel Shaheen

Internal Project Coordinator

Email: hshaheen@iugaza.edu.ps

BZU Staff

Dr. Grace Khoury

Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics

Email: DEAN.COMMERC@Birzeit.edu.ps

Mr. Omer Omran

Dean Assistant for Faculty of Business & Economic

Email: oomran@birzeit.edu

QOU Staff

Dr. Yousif Sabah

Open Learning Center Member

Email: ysabbah@qou.edu