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Institute of Water & Environment

About Institute of Water & Environment (IWE)


Establishment of the Institute

The Institute of Water and Environment (IWE) is an important body of Al-Azhar University- Gaza, which considered as an academic and technical part specialized in the field of water science and environment. The national and local needs have required such existence of a specialized and modern center for leading the research and the capacity building in water and environmental sectors. IWE plays a role in enhancing education system and ensure the  sustainability of advanced studies in the issues and problems of the Palestinian reality. 

Al-Azhar University was alerted early to water problems and environmental deterioration and its serious impact on the ground and therefore initiated the Water Research Center in 1995, which was the nucleus of scientific research and studies related to water in the Gaza Strip. In 2009 the Center has developed its work to a higher level of research through the provision of specialized academic master programs in water science and the environment. In 2017, consequently and as a natural development for University performance the IWE established a new postgraduate program PhD in water technology in partnership with the Islamic University, the first of its kind in Palestine.


Objectives of the Institute
The primary objective of the Institute of Environment and Environment is to assist in build the infrastructure of the water and environment sectors in Palestine to raise the standard of living of the Palestinian people, as well as to implement postgraduate programs for master's degrees in water and environmental sciences, and PhD degree in water technology.

IWE overall vision is to ensure the long-term conservation of natural resources in Palestine through strengthening the institutions acting in the fields of water and environment, and implementing postgraduate programs: Master in water and environmental sciences and PhD water technology.

Mission of the Institute
The mission of the Institute of Water and Environment is to achieve the following objectives :

  • To highlight the role of Al Azhar University for community participation in building the nation in various fields of water and environment.
  • To highlight the Institute of Water and Environment to be a leading Palestinian institution in the Gaza Strip, that operates with a national reputation and good quality services.
  • To assistance in building the infrastructure for the water and environment sectors in Palestine in general and the Gaza Strip in particular, this will raise the standard of living for the Palestinian people.
  • To assist the Palestinian decision-makers in clarifying the technical and thematic aspects for the water and environmental problems facing the Gaza Strip in particular and Palestine in general.
  • To contribute in the capacity building for Palestinians working in the fields of water and environment.
  • To contribute in finding practical solutions to water scarcity of our region.
  • To accelerate and expand the flow of implementable ideas for water and environmental issues in Palestine.
  • To implement the postgraduate programs of master's degrees in water and environmental sciences and a PhD degree in water technology.

Field of activities
In addition to post graduates program, the IWE is concentrating its activities on providing educational and training, research services along with water, wastewater and soil analysis, and public awareness programs and provide a specialized documentation center in water and environment.
IWE is focusing its activities on the following water & environment fields:

  • Water resources (ground water), sampling, monitoring, data analysis and processing, assessment, management and hydrological studies.
  • Drinking water sampling, monitoring and quality control.
  • Process water treatment.
  • Brackish water and seawater desalination.
  • Wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and reuse.
  • Water and wastewater, quality assessment, and control.
  • Solid & Hazardous waste management. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental planning.