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Institute of Water & Environment

Director Statement

Institute of Water and Environment is a vital and important unit at the university and community level. It is the nucleus of scientific and academic research that seeks to promote the Palestinian society and its health by activating deep and extensive scientific research and exchanging experiences and knowledge among the concerned local and international parties as the environmental pollution, in its various forms, especially water pollution and the deterioration of groundwater quality in terms of quantity and quality, presents a challenge to the entire Palestinian society, the challenge of existence and survival on this land.

Therefore, the role of the university is not limited to providing purely academic education, but it also includes enhancing problem solving and developing the capabilities of workers in various environmental fields through specialized technical and academic programs that sharpen the skills of Palestinian staff and put them on the path of specialized scientific research.

Here IWE's role appears incorporate with Al-Azhar University in this field and it trains and refines the skills of specialists and provides academic programs of postgraduate studies in water and environmental sciences and the PhD program in water technology, which we hope will play a major role in the development of the water and wastewater sectors For reuse in addition to the environmental field in Palestine.

We seek to develop the Institute and expand its research horizons to include research on air pollution, pollution of sea water and various forms of environmental pollution, as well as the development of laboratories in terms of quantity and quality through the provision of projects to donor institutions and increasing the interconnection with international universities in this field.

We hope that we will be responsible in creating a generation that has the scientific and technical ability to promote the Palestinian society and solve its water and environmental problems and therefore to ensure the future of our children in the Gaza Strip and Palestine.

Thanks to our University's administration and academics for their efforts and cooperation in promoting and developing the Institute and the University.


Dr. Khaldoun Abualhin