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Institute and social responsibility


The Institute of Water and the Environment is associated with a range of local governmental institutions and international research centers in the fields of water and the environment.

The most important of these institutions are the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) (, the Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority (EQA) (, the Palestinian Ministry of Planning (MOPL) (, the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) (, the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) ( and the Institutes of Water Studies at the Palestinian University.

The Institute's administration is working on proposals for research projects for many donors. The focus is on dual-benefit projects, providing research information to Palestinian researchers in the fields of water and the environment, as well as providing community service by providing environmental training or equipment to help water treatment or renewable energy.
The community role of the Water and Environment Institute is as follows:

  • There are many aspects of cooperation between the Institute and the local community, where the Institute carries out many funded and non-funded community activities.
  • The Institute is an advisory center for the community groups in various areas in the water sector and some environmental analyzes related to sea water, which is carried out at very nominal prices. The Institute provides the following possibilities:
  • Water tests for desalination plants and groundwater wells.
  • Wastewater tests (chemical, microbiological)
  • Soil tests (chemical, microbiological, texture)
  • Seawater tests (chemical, microbiological)
  • Chemical tests for heavy metals in plastic and other materials.
  • Necessary biological and physical tests in cooperation with the rest of university's sections.
  • The institute examines and inspect the drinking water for schools and kindergartens free of charge.
  • The Institute provides an opportunity for students and researchers, both Masters students at Al-Azhar University or other universities to perform chemical and microbiological analysis for their research at low cost price.
  • It issues reports on some environmental problems that are widespread in the strip such as water quality in special desalination plants problems, and soil pollution with heavy elements problems, and seawater tests.


Cooperation agreements:

  • MEDRC (
  • Academic agreements:
  • Cooperation agreement with Islamic University – Gaza (
  • Cooperation agreement with University of Bolognia-Italy (