AUG / Administration / Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology department was founded in 2001 in order to provide information technology services to the university community

The department's responsibilities are:

  • To create development plans to meet the university requirements in the field of Information Technology.
  • To program the computer information systems in the university's departments.
  • To provide the university staff with a range of training seminars in accordance with their work.
  • To establish, maintain and develop the university computer networks.
  • To develop the electronic gate of the university.
  • To operate, maintain and develop the university home servers.
  • To provide web services to the university laboratories and to the academic and administrative staff's offices.
  • To constantly maintain the University computers and electronic devices.
  • To specify the university needs of the required computers and electronic devices.
  • To participate in purchasing and examining the computers and the labs devices.
  • To provide security and safety to the university information and databases.