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Board of University Presidency

The Board of University Presidency serves as the liaison between the university president and the various administrative departments on one hand, and the local and international institutions on the other hand.

The staff members of the Board of University Presidency are responsible:

  • To manage correspondence and requests that come into the office before presenting it to the president.
  • To receive, classify, register and transfer official correspondence to the competent authorities according to the president's instructions.
  • To schedule the president's appointments inside and outside the University
  • To schedule, organize and manage events the president attends.
  • To coordinate all the arrangements for the reception of the visitors by the president.
  • To work in concert and collaboratively with public relations unit to cover the university news.
  • To make paper and electronic archiving to the incoming and outcoming mails.
  • To prepare drafts of scientific and cultural agreements with various scientific and research institutions.
  • To contribute to the preparation of the annual budget project for the president office.
  • To assist in the preparation of materials that the president presents.