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Islamic Studies Dep.

The Department of Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Education was first established in1991 as a response to the university's mission to promote the Islamic Culture in its Education system. In addition to the need for specialized teachers in subjects of Islamic religion who can give a clear image of the Islamic thoughts especially because of the deficiency in understanding the dimensions of the Islamic religion.

The Department of Islamic Studies teaches many courses such as Quran 1, Studies in Doctrine, Studies in Hadith, Quran 2, Studies in Islamic Faith, Quran 3, Studies in Science and Interpretation of the Quran. It also teaches all major courses for students specialized in Islamic Education and Teaching Methods.

The Department Objectives:
  • To graduate a generation of qualified teachers capable of teaching religious studies in elementary, Middle and secondary schools.
  • To contribute in the development of education through developing and rationalizing Islamic Science.
  • To acknowledge the establishment of Social Science and the Islamic ideology view of social life and political and cultural cases.
  • To build the nation with its history and Islamic civilization through connecting them to the Holy Quran and Islamic Laws.
  • To graduate a generation of preachers who are able to direct and rationalize the nation.

Academic Staff

Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) is privileged to have the most distinctive academics and researchers who are known for their excellence in groundbreaking research and exceptional teaching, and for their enthusiasm for engaging students in a shared intellectual journey.
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