Faculty of Engineering & IT / Department of Software Engineering

About Software Engineering Dep.

We live in a cyber-environment that relies on software-reliant global IT architectures, applications, and services. The Department of Software Engineering at AUG is concerned with designing, developing, operating and maintaining software systems.

We nurture our graduates with the knowledge and expertise to contribute significantly to the information industry. Therefore, students follow a well-designed study plan which focuses on all aspects and principles of software engineering through a carefully selected set of courses, senior project and practical training.

The departments' graduates are well equipped with the required skills for professional careers in the area of large scale computerized systems and software project management.

Academic Staff

Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) is privileged to have the most distinctive academics and researchers who are known for their excellence in groundbreaking research and exceptional teaching, and for their enthusiasm for engaging students in a shared intellectual journey.
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