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ICM Announced

Aug 2, 2017 –The Faculty of Medicine announced launching the First International Conference on Medicine (ICM), scheduled on April 6-7, 2018.

The announcement of the two-day conference was celebrated in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdulkhalik El Farra, Presdient of AUG; Prof. Dr. Sami Muslih, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Marwan Al Agha, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs; and Dr. Essmat Abu Asaker, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, in addition to a number of AUG Council and specialists participating in the conference.

In his remarks, Prof. El Farra commended on the collective efforts of the conference organizers to bring it to light. He went on to confirm the significance of this conference in publishing specialized medical researches that meet various medical issues in the Palestinian community.

   For his part, Dr. Abu Asaker thanked AUG administration for facilitating the tasks of the preparatory committee to launch of the conference.