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Earth Day Celebrated in AUG

Apr 4, 2017 – The Faculty of Pharmacy and Al-Azhar Scientific Pharmaceutical Students' Association (ASPSA) conducted a series of activities to confirm their sense of belonging and of being rooted in Earth Day.

AUG community commenced the activities by hoisting the Palestinian flag on Safad's flagpole and standing up for the Palestinian national anthem, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdel Khaliq El Farra, AUG President; Dr. Kanan Wahedy, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy;  Dr. Medhat Sa'adalah, Dean of Student Affairs and a number of AUG Council members.

During the celebration, Prof. Dr. El Farra pointed out the significance of celebrating the Palestinian identity, confirming the adherence to the Palestinian land which is part and parcel for establishing an independent Palestinian state.

In his remarks, Dr. Wahedy said "the earth day is a milestone for the Palestinians," stressing the great efforts of the faculty students in organizing such events.  

Dr. Mazen Abu Zaid, Representative of Refugee Committee in PLO, delivered a lecture on earth day and its symbol in the Palestinian history.    

The celebration included various artistic, poetic, and traditional songs from the Palestinian heritage.