Faculty of Science / Department of Biology

About Biology Department

As one of the main Departments in the Faculty of science, the Department of Biology was established in 1992. Since then, the Department has developed in the academic cadre and the Laboratory equipment to carry out its mission of teaching and advising students as well as advancing a cutting-edge research. Students are encouraged to take their learning beyond lecture halls by participating in various fields such as schools and laboratories in the Palestinian ministries. The Department offers a bachelor's degree in Biology/Microbiology and Life sciences

Academic Staff

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to maintain and enhance its reputation for providing excellence in education in a broad range of science courses. As a leading and pioneering Faculty, it provides dynamic learning environment equipped with the most distinctive and qualified staff members who graduated from prestigious universities and who have their scientific activities published in globally reputed peer-reviewed refereed scientific journals. visit our Staff page

Granted Degrees