Faculty of Science / Department of Geology

About Geology Department

The Department of Geology was founded in 1994 to provide training for future professional geologists directly through high-quality instruction and research involvement in Geology. The Department recognizes the critical role of other departments in providing supporting courses in areas such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, and Engineering. Moreover, the Department has steadily worked to promote its mission through providing its staff member with scholarships in many prestigious Arab and foreign universities such as the universities in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Egypt.

The University constantly endeavors to equip the Department with the latest technological devices in order to maintain vibrant atmosphere for students to enable them to apply their researches. In order to keep pace with international scientific development, the Department's research programs are constantly enhanced and further new courses are launched such as Geology/water sources

Academic Staff

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to maintain and enhance its reputation for providing excellence in education in a broad range of science courses. As a leading and pioneering Faculty, it provides dynamic learning environment equipped with the most distinctive and qualified staff members who graduated from prestigious universities and who have their scientific activities published in globally reputed peer-reviewed refereed scientific journals. visit our Staff page

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