Faculty of Science / Department of chemistry

About Chemistry Department

The Department was established in 1992 as one of the distinctive departments in the University which enjoys a strong reputation in Palestine. The Department covers a spectrum of courses in Purely Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Food Chemistry. Competent academic staff, who did many distinctive researches at the local, regional and international levels, teaches these courses. They train new generations of scientists who will take leadership positions in research and teaching.

The Department is keen to cooperate with the local society on the industrial, environmental and educational levels .Therefore, the Department engages in many community services including educational programs in the field of detergents, soap and shampoo, as well as through offering development of science lab technician program for those who finish secondary school. Moreover, the Department is dedicated to providing the local society with services such as monitoring the groundwater and drinking water, supplying the market with chemicals especially under the increasing numbers of pharmaceutical factories.

Academic Staff

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to maintain and enhance its reputation for providing excellence in education in a broad range of science courses. As a leading and pioneering Faculty, it provides dynamic learning environment equipped with the most distinctive and qualified staff members who graduated from prestigious universities and who have their scientific activities published in globally reputed peer-reviewed refereed scientific journals. visit our Staff page

Granted Degrees