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Prof.Dr. Al Dahoudi Reaps the First Place

Prof. Dr. Naji Al Dahoudi, Professor of Physics & Materials Science Engineering at Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) won the first place in the Arab World in the field of new and renewable energy. Prof.Dr. Al Dahoudi was awarded the Federation of Arab scientific research councils' prize for his outstanding research to develop the solar cells.

Prof.Dr. Al Dahoudi declared that his research focused on improving  the efficiency of  dye-sensitized solar cells  through amendments on the surface of nanomaterials. He said "the reason for choosing this research in particular is based on the requirements of the Palestinian reality in the Gaza Strip, in light of the suffering of the energy crisis and frequent power shortages and the search for alternatives that can alleviate this crisis."
Prof.Dr. Al Dahoudi went on to thank the Deanships of Science and scientific research for providing an appropriate environment to accomplish the distinctive quality of scientific research, and for their ongoing and continuous support for all researchers in various scientific fields.