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(21/02/2017), Representative Office of Ireland in Palestine Visited AUG

Mr. Jonathan Conlon, Representative of Ireland in Palestine, accompanied by Mr. Declan Johnston, Deputy Representative; and Mr. Emile Makhlouf, Program Advisor visited AUG to launch W.B. Yeats Exhibition. 

(22/01/2017), Delegation of Representative Office of Norway Visited AUG

AUG welcomed an official delegation of the Representative Office of Norway to Palestine, included Counsellor Mr. Thomas Rem Berdal, and Ms. Margrete Laland, second Secretary at the Norwegian Representative Office.

(18/01/2017), Delegation from FES, RAND Visited AUG

A high-level delegation consisted of Dr. Beyhan Sentürk , Director of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) office in Palestine; Dr. Usama Antar, Senior Program Manager of FES Office in Gaza; and Ms. Jawdat Hovks and Mrs. Julian Drokhlr Crown of the RAND Corporation visited AUG.  

(31/01/2017), High Level Presidential Advisers Visited AUG

A high- level of senior Presidential advisers consisted of Dr. Kamal El Sharafi, Advisers to the President Mahmoud Abbas on Human Rights and Dr. Hassan Al Ouri, Advisers to the President Mahmoud Abbas on Legal Affairs visited AUG. 

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