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French Delegation Visited AUG

Aug 24, 2017 – AUG received a high level delegation from the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem, headed by Mr. Olivier Dufour, Academic and Institutional Coordinator in the Consulate.

Prof. Dr. Naji Al Dahoudi, Professor of Physics & Materials Science Engineering; Prof. Dr. Usama Zaineldeen, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Mazen Hmada, President of the Board- University Presidency; Dr.  Mukhaimer Abu Saada, Professor of Political Science; and Mr. Ihab Abumallouh, Professor of French Language welcomed the delegates.

The goal of the visit was to discuss the latest updates of Al Maqdisi- funded project in AUG. Prof. Dr. Al Dahoudi briefed on the partnership with the University of Picardy Jules Verne in France to study the method of converting nanoparticles in Perovskite cells into electrical energy. He went on to explain the main obstacles facing implementing the research in light of to the restrictions imposed on importing materials essential for the research.

For his part, Mr. Dufour promised to facilitate the obstacles to ensure the successful completion of the project.   

The attendees discussed new avenues of cooperation to support the French Department in AUG through establishing a French Corner. They also discussed enhancing the mutual academic and scientific partnership with French universities within international programs such Erasmus +.

Dr. Hamada talked about the critical current circumstances that hurdle the mission of AUG, while Dr. Abu Saada responded to the delegates' enquiries about the difficult situations of AUG students as a result of the political and economic realities of the Gaza Strip.

At the end, the delegates visited material science and engineering lab where the research of Al Maqdisi is implemented.