AUG / Board of Trustees / Welcome


AUG Trustees President

I am very pleased to welcome you all to our reputable university, Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG).

We live in an area where information is perpetually evolving due to technological advances and cognitive revolution, by virtue of developments in scientific and intellectual research that subsequently affect the way we practice our daily life in academic, social and cultural domains. These developments challenge us, as university members, to move forward and urge us to be the best. Therefore, my message to our academic staff at AUG who are surely academically and scientifically professionals, is to constantly follow up these scientific world developments that positively affect our university.

Undoubtedly, knowledge is a beam in the dark mists of ignorance. It is the backbone of developing any civilization. Without creative and talented human resources our university wouldn't have reached what it is today. The Board of Trustees is keen to build well - educated and knowledgeable students and academics to follow the university's goal of being one of the top universities locally and internationally, through providing accessible scientific research, facilitating education, developing plans and university policies and providing state-of-the-e art laboratories in order to serve the educational process. Moreover, we must reduplicate our efforts and harness the various possibilities, in cooperation with the best universities and international institutions, to provide the best to the university staff and academic members.

Finally, we might face a lot of difficulties achieving our goals but with cumulative efforts and team work we can override anything.

Dr. Abdulrahman Hamad

Chairman, Board of Trustees