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The Fourth International Conference on Basic and Applied Sciences (ICBAS IV) and
The First Scientific Symposium on COVID 19 Pandemic
March 9th - 10th , 2022 Gaza - Palestine

Life at AUG

The Faculty of Science at Al Azhar university – Gaza (AUG) is a center of sciences. It seeks excellence in exploring and disseminating scientific knowledge via teaching, researching and scholarly publication.

It is concerned to hire qualified and dedicated staff members and academic advisors to run well-developed academic programs and high quality facilities to graduate professional scientists capable to compete in the work market after graduation.

The Faculty of Science endeavors to maintain and enhance its reputation by providing excellent education and research facilities in a wide range of scientific courses.

From its commencement in the year 1991, the Faculty of Science established one of the corner stones of academic life at Al Azhar University – Gaza. It was the mother of two major faculties at the university, namely, Faculty of Engineering and information Technology, and Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. It also largely contributes to the missions of other scientific faculties including the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry.

The Faculty of Science has various objectives at the level of scientific research and informational conferences of natural and applied sciences. Some academic staff members have gained regional and international prizes for their scientific research in various fields (e.g. The Islamic Development Bank Prizes for Science and Technology, version XIII in the year 2015.) For more details, please visit the Faculty of Science website.

The Faculty of Science seeks to promote and elevate the level of scientific research by motivating the researchers to develop the community in the natural and environmental sciences.

The conference objectives are to bring  together young and leading scientists, and researchers and students to disseminate, exchange and share their experience and knowledge on the advancement in applied sciences, technology, environment and natural resources.