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The Fourth International Conference on Basic and Applied Sciences (ICBAS IV) and
The First Scientific Symposium on COVID 19 Pandemic
March 9th - 10th , 2022 Gaza - Palestine

The ICBAS IV conference is planned and organized by Faculty of Science and Deanship of Scientific Research at Al Azhar University-Gaza.

  • The ICBAS IV includes 9 main themes that cover major disciplines in basic & applied sciences.
  • The COVID-19 symposium includes 6 main themes covering medical, health system and policy making, public health and epidemiology,  economics,  education, sociology and environmental issues.  
  • 250 participants are expected to submit abstracts for presentation (oral & poster) at ICBAS IV and COVID-19 symposium.
  • All submitted abstracts will be evaluated for originality, appropriateness and competence before being accepted for presentation at ICBAS IV or COVID-19 symposium.
  •  All submissions will be peer-reviewed by qualified professors from different Palestinian universities.
  • 120-150 scientific works are anticipated to be accepted for presentation (oral & poster) at ICBAS IV and COVID-19 symposium.
  • 10 keynote guests and invited speakers are expected to participate in the ICBAS IV and COVID-19 symposium.