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The First International Dental Conference of Al Azhar University- Gaza (IDCA)
3-5 November, 2022 Gaza - Palestine

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I welcome you to the first edition ofThe First International Dental Conference of Al Azhar University- Gaza (IDCA), which is a leading scientific conference for dentistry in Palestine in general and the Gaza Strip in particular, providing global education and experience in dentistry for dental professionals throughout Region.

IDCA 2022 comes at a time when the dental world is undergoing rapid changes with the emergence of the latest innovations, technologies, and new treatment patterns, dramatically transforming the patient experience. With this in mind, the conference program has been carefully designed to focus on the most important issues and topics facing dental professionals.

The IDCA conference includes many experts and speakers from all over the region and the world. Additionally, on the sidelines of the conference, we have hands-on workshops for dentists, who aim to improve their clinical understanding and expertise in different dental departments. Moreover, the conference will also include an amazing  electronic presentation with a special focus on the latest research in the various departments of dentistry. The conference is also expected to attract many visitors and participants from different countries during the 3-day event. IDCA will also include Research Awards, as we aim to celebrate the unique scientific achievements and success of our dental professionals in the region and beyond. We hope that the IDCA Awards will play a major role in inspiring a new generation of dentists and physicians from around the world.

Parallel to the conference, the IDCA exhibition includes the display of several international dental brands representing a number of medical companies. In addition, the exhibition dedicated to leading dental brands offers a unique opportunity to showcase their latest products, equipment and technologies to local and international visitors and participants.

We hope that IDCA 2022 will provide a great platform for exhibitors to explore the local market and improve their business expansion plans in the region. I look forward to a great science experience and hope to see you at IDCA 2022.