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Basic Education Dep.

The Faculty of Education opened the Department of Basic Education to improve the quality of education and educational environment in the Palestinian schools to meet the needs of the society. The department is responsible of graduating specialized teachers for the primary level able to improve their capacities to the maximum. Moreover, the department adopts cutting-edge teaching techniques to prepare professional teachers.

The Department Objectives:
  • To graduate a generation of well-prepared teachers
  • To contribute in developing the quality of education through producing teachers aware of the of mental and psychological aspects of their students
  • To contribute in developing curriculums that follows the international standers of quality.
  • To open new majors in the faculty to provide students with more options in all fields of Education.

The Department of Psychology aspires to:
  • Develop its Psychology laboratory, and to provide it with new experiments.
  • Construct a Psychological Clinic for mental illness treatment
  • Develop its Higher Education program to offer a PHD degree in Psychology.

Department of Basic Education consists of several units, which are:
  • The curriculum unit:
It is specialized in providing the faculty with the required courses for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Basic Education Unit:
The program started in 1997 to fulfill Gaza educational needs of primary level teachers. It offers bachelor's degree in Basic Education.

Goals of Basic Education Unit Program:
  • To prepare students to work in the educational field.
  • To prepare specialized Basic Education teacher's experts in teaching students in primary school. The preparation includes: the scientific, educational, social and psychological aspects necessary for learners at this critical age.
  • To provide teachers prepared to teach in higher primary stage of basic education with additional skills, which includes an in-depth study of a particular scientific discipline.
  • Unit of Practical Education:
This unit is considered the most important unit in the Faculty of Basic Education, as it is responsible of the practical implementation of the theoretical aspect of Education. It provides students with the opportunity to put the educational theories and concepts they learned into practice. This helps in improving the students educational skills required for the educational development. Therefore, the students should attend two educational semesters in primary and secondary schools, where they can experience the daily professional life of teachers. The unit of Practical Education distributes senior students on schools, and they will be evaluated and guided by assigned specialized mentors through weekly visits to their schools, and performance reports prepared in cooperation with host teachers and school principle. The evaluation is based on precise standers. The unit includes a modern computer laboratory, and well equipped classroom for practice.

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