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Expression of Freedom: study Day Celebrated.

About Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law was opened in 1991 under the name of the Faculty of Sharia and Law which was considered one of the two faculties that was first established besides the Faculty of Education. The faculty was established with the purpose of providing the students with the opportunity to pursue their education in this field in the light of the difficult situation in Gaza and Palestine in order to be able to defend their home land and spread justice in Palestine and throughout the world. In 1993, due to the pressing need of specialist in legal study, the duration was reduced to 4 years instead of 5 years. Faculty graduates now occupy different positions in the community in fields of Judiciary, Prosecution, and Attorney, Legal consulting and various Security Agencies.

Dean's Message

Let me extend to you a very warm welcome to the Faculty of Law at Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG)!

We aim to provide our society with distinctive leaders who are capable of solving society issues, spread awareness about Law and regulations and achieve justice and equality.

Our faculty members are leaders in their fields as well as dedicated teachers; our students bring excellence and commitment to their studies and to wide range of causes. We, at the Faculty of Law, aspire through our unique study environment at Al-Mugragha and through our students to be the voice of the voiceless!

We welcome you again to this lovely journey!



The Faculty of Law aims to graduate specialized students in Law capable to respond to the society's requirements and build a Palestinian society full of peace, freedom, democracy and respect of law.


The Faculty of Law seeks to build a Palestinian generation able to defend the Palestinian rights and spread justice in Palestine and throughout the world.

Granted Degrees

The faculty of Law at Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) confers bachelor's degrees after successfully completing (144) credit hours in the following disciplines:

  • Law (English)
  • Law

Academic Plans

Academic Staff

Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) is privileged to have the most distinctive academics and researchers who are known for their excellence in groundbreaking research and exceptional teaching, and for their enthusiasm for engaging students in a shared intellectual journey.
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  • The First legal Conference "towards Palestinian society based on justice"
  • The opening of the Legal Clinic "3"
  • Legal Seminar Entitled "The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction and the Challenges of Application the Principle of Accountability"
  • Legal scientific symposium entitled "Principles of Detection at the Cime Scene"
  • A workshop entitled "The Financial System at AUG and the Prospects for Development"
  • Legal seminar entitled "The Legal Profession between Reality and Law"
  • Legal seminar entitled "Mechanisms of Enhancing the Performance and Future of Legal Practitioners"
  • Scientific Day on "Developing the Academic Plan of the Faculty"
  • A Study Day Entitled "Legal responsibility for medical errors"
  • The second legal Conference "Law and Development in Palestine : Existing Challenges and Future Prospects"
  • A Study Day on "Prospects for the development of the Legal Profession"
  • A Study Day on "The mobile Legal Clinic Experience"
  • The Third Legal Conference " Legal Education in Palestine : Towards a New Perspective"
  • Al Azhar Students' First Legal Conference " Students for Justice and the Rule of Law in Palestine"
  • Students' Second Legal Conference" Palestinians for Empowerment"
  • A Study Day entitled "Strengthening the Foundations of Legal Protection for Farmers as a Way to achieve Sustainable Development"
  • A Study Day on " The Administrative Law of Al-Azhar University"
  • A Workshop entitled "International Criminal Law"
  • A Workshop entitled " Palestine in the International Criminal Court, then what"
  • Ramadan Evening entitled "Legal Clinic in the Academic Context: the Palestinian Experience and Future Prospects"
  • A Moot Court for Students
  • A Workshop on " University Administrative Work between Reality and Law"
  • A Study Day "Freedom of Expression between permissibility and forbiddance"
  • The Fourth Annual Legal Conference " "Legislative Treatments for the Justice Standards in Palestine"
  • A Study Day "Agricultural products in the balance of the law"
  • Students' Third Legal Conference "Fair Trial Guarantee in the Palestinian law"


  • Broad Prospect for Legal Education Development Project, funded by UNDP/PAPP 2015-2016
  • Legal Aid and Empower Vulnerable Groups in Gaza Project, funded by UNDP/PAPP 2011-2013
  • Enhancing the Applied Legal Education Project, funded by UNDP/PAPP 2012-2013

Contact us

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