Welcome to the first International
Conference of(ICAMS), 2017

I feel most honored and privileged to take on the role of Chairman of the Conference.

As the Dean of faculty of applied medical sciences at Alazhar University- Gaza, It is with great honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to ICAMS 2017 with the Theme: Continuing Challenges in the 21st Century Healthcare.

ICAMS 2017 is the first international conference organized by the faculty of applied medical sciences and we are definitely honored to have great international and local speakers joining our conference.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the international participants to Palestine and my heartfelt gratitude for participating in our conference.

I am sure with the vast research experience the speakers have, all of us would gain some new insights from the research and development perspectives and probably bring some new ideas back to the laboratory.

ICAMS 2017 aspires to change the way we think and expand our knowledge in scientific research and enhance the development of the applied medical sciences sector.

By sharing knowledge and acknowledging the research done by others, this conference offers us the opportunity to exchange innovative scientific ideas and inspire new research. This would be an ideal venue for academician, researchers, students or even entrepreneurs to build a new research networks and establish new contacts for future collaborations.

Lastly, I would like to express my utmost appreciation and acknowledgement to the ICAMS 2017 committee for their substantial effort in planning and organizing this conference meticulously and making ICAMS 2017 a reality.

Welcome once again and let us enjoy the thought-provoking presentations and discussions ahead. Thank you.

Dr. Khaled M Abushab

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Al- Azhar university-Gaza