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Mission & Vision

The Office of Academic Affairs is the key backbone of the university, committed to offering a supportive environment for the university community. The office supports the university mission by achieving academic excellence, embracing continuous quality improvement efforts, ensuring program and curriculum development, and assuring that all graduate and undergraduate students at AUG experience a challenging and rewarding education. Moreover, the office serves as the liaison with AUG president office to maximize the quality of teaching and research and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of academic programs.


The core mission of the Academic Affairs Office is to foster an engaging and effective educational environment that contributes actively to the development of scientific research, academic quality, and student programs. It also enhances and invigorates the leading role of the university in the Palestinian society.


The Academic Affairs Office seeks to lay the foundation of excellence and success for the current academic work to foster an inclusive environment that promotes the Palestinian students engagement in a culture of learning and service.