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Al Azhar University - Gaza (AUG) central library is considered one of the major university libraries in the Gaza Strip. It was established in 2000, when a generous donation from the Indian government made this Library a reality. Therefore, the central library was named after a genuine Indian Politician Jawaharlal Nehru. The Library is designed in accordance with the unified international standards for building libraries; its building is located on the literary Building campus which is distant from the noise sources.

The university library holds more than 11.570 items and materials in all formats, including 70.000 books in Arabic and in English, 8.000 reference books, 950 theses and dissertations, 100 periodical titles -of which 60 are written in English and 40 in Arabic-, 1000 CDS, 700 student researches and 750 bulletins.

The Central Library has two branch Libraries :

- Library of Faculty of Agriculture :

It contains a huge collection of materials in Agricultural and Animal Sciences essential for students in the Faculty of Agriculture. Al Azhar University - Gaza (AUG) has the only faculty specialized in Agriculture in the Gaza Strip.

However, the library was severely damaged during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2009. The total destruction of the library forced the university administration to join what was left from it in the central library in a hall named Faculty of Agriculture hall.

- Library of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology :

This library is established in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology's building in the university main campus. The library provides the faculty students with precious materials in the field of Engineering and Information Technology.

The Library's collections of all formats (books, periodicals, CD...) are distributed over six halls :

Arabic Library

The Arabic library, which is located on the first floor, contains precious Arabic books especially circulating Arabic books needed to fulfill the curriculum- related needs of the university students. The Arabic library has a hall in which its whole collection is about Palestine and the Palestinian cause .This hall is founded for the purpose of preserving the Palestinian heritage as well as providing researches with access to this valuable collection.

Foreign Library

The foreign library is on the second floor of the central library .It is considered one of the richest libraries in the Gaza Strip in having valuable collections of foreign scientific reference books.

Reference Library

The library has a valuable collection of Islamic and historic Arab books.

Periodicals and theses Hall

The hall has a collection of various theses, students researches and periodicals especially educational periodicals.

Faculty of Agriculture Hall

It contains a special collection of materials in the field of Agricultural and Animal Sciences essential for students in the faculty. Al Azhar University - Gaza (AUG) has the privilege to have the only faculty in the Gaza Strip specialized in Agriculture.

Hadith Authentication Hall

The hall has a collection of rare books related to hadith science such as The Authentic Nine books in Sunnah.

The Library got several grants

  • Library building grant from the Indian government in 2000.
  • European Economic Community grant of 70.000$ to buy books supplied by Osiris Bookshop in Cairo.
  • A grant from the Indian ambassador consists of 2200 books.
  • The library of the Faculty of Agriculture grant funded by Luxembourg project.
  • Cooperation Foundation grant of 40.000$ to cover the costs of computerizing the Central Library (Jawaharlal Nehru Library) and training its staff.
  • DPK grant of 25.000$ to the Faculty of Law to purchase a legal collection consists of 4.000 books and hundreds of periodicals from Cooperation Foundation.
  • A grant presented from Academic Education Development Program (AED), in collaboration with USAID, which includes a collection of 1288 books and Arabic and foreign references. The grant also includes providing the library with five computers with internet services for the benefit of the students.