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Life at AUG

We are committed to provide our students with an environment where they enjoy the best rewarding experience in our campuses.

The first Marathon organized by Al-Azhar Scientific Pharmaceutical Students' Association (ASPSA) & the Faculty of Pharmacy

AUG's Eastern Campus is the main campus for students who specialize in one of the scientific faculties

The vibrant and lively atmosphere in AUG labs/p>

Studding in AUG is an exceptional opportunity to learn, explore and discover

Students in the Literary Building Campus

AUG proudly provides accessible university experience where students with disabilities have the same access to programs, activities, and campus living

AUG is a stimulating environment for students to boost their personal and professional skills

Embrace students life to the fullest

Meet and mix with your fellow students, broaden your horizons, and discover new interest

AUG students have free and unlimited access to the internet

AUG provides a vibrant campus experience like no other