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Mission & Vision


The Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs is dedicated to providing the university community with efficient and effective financial and administrative services.


The Administrative and Financial Affairs Office endeavors to reach a high degree of quality and excellence in the provision of administrative and financial services to the university community.

The Administration and Financial Affairs Office, which is supervised directly by the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, is responsible

  • To provide guidance and plans to increase accountability and foster measurable progress in all the university affairs activities.
  • To propose appropriate financial administrative policies to ensure the efficiency of the university's facilities performance.
  • To control the financial performance in the university and submit reports and suggestions in this regard.
  • To design a development plan for the university, especially in regards to infrastructure.
  • To manage the financial issues regarding the university needs to hire new administrative employees and set their salaries.
  • To prepare the annual budget of the university and coordinate with the Planning and Quality Assurance Office to ensure the preparation of the budget in a scientific manner.
  • To submit financial and the administrative reports to the president.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the university's different departments of human and material resources.
  • To monitor the maintenance of the university's facilities.
  • To contribute in publishing the annual report and the Statistical Yearbook of the university.
  • To supervise the processes of purchasing, registering, storing the supplies and distributing it to the university's facilities.

Administrative Affairs Departments & Units
  • The Medical Clinic
  • The Legal Clinic
  • The Legal Affairs
  • Transportation Unit
  • Personnel Affairs Unit
  • University Security Unit
  • Technical Unit
  • University Services Unit
  • Financial Affairs Department
  • Management and Budget Unit
  • Procurement Unit
  • Stores Unit