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About Postgraduate studies

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies is considered one of the most important deanships at Al-Azhar University - Gaza (AUG). Since its inception in 1994, the Deanship has worked very hard to adopt and develop many postgraduate programs in a wide spectrum of Natural and Human Sciences, covering the Applied Sciences such as Pharmacy, Science, Water and Environment, and the Social and Human Sciences such as Education, Economics and administrative Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and law and Sharia.
The Deanship enjoys a strong national reputation due to the interdisciplinary programs it offers. It has currently 24 postgraduate programs. And it constantly strives to provide the appropriate infrastructure and human resources needed to develop its programs. Moreover, the Deanship is highly interested in providing the academic staff with scientific qualifications in order to ensure the quality of education given to our students.


The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies seeks to consolidate the culture of research in postgraduate programs. It also works to provide a suitable environment that supports creativity and uniqueness through focusing on research topics that contribute in developing the Palestinian society.


The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies strives for achieving distinction in the programs it offers according to the overall quality curricula that contribute to the development of AUG as the premier academic institution of higher education and research center in Palestine.


The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies is responsible for:

1- The overall supervision of graduate studies at the University,

2- Accepting master's students and approving titles, content and supervisors of their researches, in cooperation with the relevant departments.

3- Approving program requirements and adopting academic plans for master's students.

4- Facilitating the mission of the academic staff and master's students by building international relations with local and international research centers.

5- Publishing the students' researches and participating in scientific conferences.

6- Carrying out regular revision of research instructions and providing the necessary support for Master's students in order to develop their research projects.

7- Following up the pursuance of scholarships policies.

8- Providing an annual report about the Deanship's achievements throughout the year.


1- To launch new postgraduate programs to meet the needs of the community.

2- To develop a base for scientific research.

3- To strengthen its efforts to attract and educate an excellent and diverse body of graduate students.

4- To maintain and selectively strengthen in cost-effective ways the core infrastructures for research, including in particular libraries and shared research facilities.

5- To enhance objective critical thinking of the postgraduate students.

6- To propose applicable solutions for local and regional problems.

7- To promote the culture of the importance of postgraduate studies.