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Library Policies

Borrowing Policy

The library facilitates the borrowing of materials to the university staff members, students, graduates and off-campus borrowers.

  • Staff members may borrow up to five books for a period of 1 week and renewed only once.
  • Graduate students (master's students) may borrow up to four books for a period of 1 week and renewed only once.
  • Registered students (bachelor's students) may borrow up to three books for a period of 1 week and renewed only once.
  • Off campus beneficiaries may borrow one book for a period of 1 week and renewed only once.

Renewal Period

Loan Period

Items that Can Be Borrowed


Another 1 Week


 Books 5


Another 1 Week

Week 1

 Books 4

Graduate Students

Another 1 Week

Week 1

 Books 3


Another 1 Week

Week 1

 Book 1

Off Campus Beneficiaries

Borrowing Principles

  • All library users must present a valid university identification card to access the library materials. This card is not transferable which means that the card may not be used by any person other than the named cardholder.
  • Library materials are used by thousands of users who deserve to have materials without being mutilated or defaced. Therefore, borrowers are responsible for the return of all materials in good condition.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all the materials charged to their account. Fines will be assessed if the material is damaged or lost.
  • Materials borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the due date. Fines will be assessed for overdue or non-returned materials.
  • Reference books, theses, periodicals and students' researches do not borrow. They must be used only in the library.
  • The library allows users night loan in which they may borrow reference books under very special circumstances .The night loan starts at 3:00pm until the first opening hour at 8:00 a.m. in the next morning.
  • Due to the users' non utilization from semester loan, the library canceled this procedure of borrowing.
  • Due to the Library commitment to serve the students, it is allowed for registered students, who do not pay their tuition fees for the current semester to borrow books provided that their fees for the previous semester are covered.
  • Beneficiaries, who are not affiliated with the university, may not use the library unless they get confirmation from their work and pay (10) JD per semester as subscription fees .In order to borrow from the library; they have to pay (70) JD as a deposit refundable in the case of dispense borrowing with the library.