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Welcome to the Deanship of Scientific Research at AUG! We hope to provide you with an informative and attractive window to our scientific research.

Since its establishment in 1991, Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) has a critical role in formulating the Palestinian dream, accelerating the scientific progress and developing society requirements. Its role extended to participate in forming the Palestinian history through its sublime goals and mission. Today, AUG stands as a beacon of thought and science, undertaking its national, scientific and research responsibility towards the Palestinian society and contributing to the development of suitable solutions in order to face the problems and challenges through research and scientific studies.

Scientific Research is considered one of the most important pillars for any distinctive university. It is one of the main elements of development, not only at the local level but also extends to regional and international levels. AUG's mission exceeds the dissemination of scientific knowledge. It involves developing it in a spectrum of human, natural and applied sciences through leading the scientific research within an interactive environment of qualified human cadres.
Hence, the Deanship of Scientific Research seeks to organize the scientific research's affairs, support the scientific research that aims to achieve sustainable development, promote the leading role of AUG at national, regional and international levels, developing the scientific research in AUG in all fields, provide a suitable environment for researchers, and communicate with third parties, whether inside or outside Palestine, in order to promote research partnerships and bring funds to the researchers. Moreover, the Deanship provides the necessary facilities to carry out scientific studies at home or abroad and organize and participate in scientific conferences and symposia.

In terms of figures and achievements, the observers of the growing scientific research at AUG witness the distinction of our researchers. The indicators of research engines and scientific research Citations, H-index, and I-10 indexes give us clear evidence of this unprecedented distinction. Subsequently, Al Azhar University-Gaza has maintained its status as the best Palestinian university in terms of its abundant and high-quality scientific outputs. Moreover, this remarkable achievement has enabled the University to win prestigious scientific prizes and awards, to enhance its relations with international and national organizations and to increase its reputation in the Palestinian society.