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AUG Research Team to Develop Nanotechnology Applications

Aug 8, 2017 – AUG has assigned a research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Naji Al Dahoudi, Professor of Physics & Materials Science Engineering, for nanotechnology applications and research.

The team will cooperate with other researchers from Palestinian, regional, and international universities to use nanotechnologies in serving the Palestinian community and presenting alternative solutions for the pressing challenges such as renewable energy and battery recycling.

The team has recently won three grants from the German-Palestinian Cooperation in Science and Research, Al-Maqdisi program, and Ibhtah to conduct research projects. The team consisted of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who diligently in the nanotechnology lab for conducting researches in the field.

It's worth to mention that the team participated in the Second National Forum for Scientists, organized by the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence (HCIE) in Ramallah from July 22 -23, 2017. Student Jihad Asa'ad from Physics Department was among the team. He presented his project of recycling damaged batteries in safe ways and received promises from local and international investors to finance his project.