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Internaional Relations Unit (IRU)

About the Unit

The International Relations Unit (IRU) aims to strengthen external relations with regional and international organizations and universities in order to grant AUG's students and academic staff the opportunity to interact and cooperate with the Palestinian society and other societies in the academic, research, technical, and cultural fields. Also, it pursues to open new prospects of cooperation between the academic staff members and the regional and international societies through shared researches and implementation of future projects that serve the Palestinian society. Furthermore, the unit endeavors to facilitate reaching cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding between the university and its Palestinian, regional, and international counterparts. Moreover, the International Relation Unit works to raise an urgent and required fund, grants, and financial aid in order to highlight the great importance of the university as a flourishing center of knowledge that serves the local and national society.


To develop and sustain a competitive advantage for AUG at national, regional and international scale through establishing academic, research, technical and cultural cooperation between the university and other regional and international universities, diplomatic missions and organizations.


To be recognized as a dynamic unit and an efficient facilitator of making the university's regionalization and internationalization strategy a reality.


  • To develop necessary strategies and operational plans to turn the unit's vision into reality.
  • To provide all sorts of academic, social, national, and financial support to the university through international and regional relations.
  • To enable the university to participate in programs, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, regional and international event, and all projects that will highlight the university, activate its role, and sustain it regionally and internationally.
  • To establish new English version of the University’s website through cooperating with Information Technology Unit.
  • To help the projects unit in raising the fund for the purpose of assisting the university in bearing its social, academic and scientific burdens.


  • To establish a strong and effective network of relations with international and regional educational institutions.
  • To sustain and broaden the university's membership in international and regional organizations.
  • To supervise and activate the cooperation agreements and MoUs signed with foreign academic institutions.
  • To coordinate the university's participation in scientific conferences.
  • To seek fund sources and financial support.
  • To develop programs aimed at marketing the university and strengthen its position internationally.
  • To make contacts with diplomatic missions and representative offices in Palestine and build strong relations with overseas higher education institutions.
  • To activate the university participation in international media and host and participate in video conferences and public and academic events withregional and international counterpart.
  • To report all the activities organized by the university internationally and regionally, and follow up the implementation of its results and conclusions.
  • To publish the unit news, activities and programs through the university website, newspaper and other media channels.