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Community Service Centers

· Center of Drug Analysis and Research

The Center of Drug Analysis and Research of Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) was established in 1998 to serve the Palestinian community. It is the only qualified official center in Gaza. It offers drug quality certificate for routine control of locally manufactured, and externally imported drugs, as well as for the registration of new drug products. The Center uses modern instrumentation and follows advanced analytical methods as per British Pharmacopeia and United State Pharmacopeia to provide accurate and precise results.


To offer service for local and public Palestinian community

Who can benefit from us?


We offer consultation and service regarding instrumental analysis for academics and students at our university and other universities in Gaza to help them carry out their scientific researches. Moreover, the Center organizes learning courses on advanced pharmaceutical analysis topics.

Ministry of Health

The Center carries out quality control tests for newly imported drugs which are demanded as a condition for registration at the Ministry of Health to judge accepting or rejecting the product. Moreover, the Center cooperates with the Ministry of Health in routine testing of registered drugs to ensure quality. The Center offers detailed quality control certificate to indicate if the drug conforms or not with official specifications.

Ministry of Justice

The Center offers the possibility to test different toxic and addictive substances.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)

The Center offers the possibility to test the quality of drugs donated to Gaza through UNRWA.

Pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors

The Center offers follow up services during the process of drug production, and for the finished pharmaceutical dosage form to ensure quality.

Collaborative research projects

The Center looks forwards to cooperate with other scientific institutions worldwide to carry out modern drug researches.

  • Center of Food Analysis

Inspired with its responsibility toward the Palestinian community, Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) established the first center specialized in food analysis in Gaza. Since its establishment, the center has worked hard to provide the Palestinian society with relevant public services. In 2013, the center witnessed distinctive progress at the levels of scientific research and the analysis and evaluation of food quality. Despite the lack of chemicals and devices, the center works effectively to provide the best analytical results for all laboratory tests.

The Center of Food Analysis seeks to ensure the safety of the Palestinian and protect their heath. It provides the Palestinian community with public services through conducting laboratory tests for local and imported food.


The Center of Food Analysis strives to contribute to the scientific, economic and administrative development of the Palestinian society.


· To provide consultancy services that aim to improve the quality of food processing.

· To conduct laboratory tests of food and water for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Future improvements;

1- To provide international scientific references for required food analysis methods.

2- To provide modern devices for required tests

3- To improve the capacity of the technical staff through coordinating with Arab and European research centers.

4- To provide all the capabilities that ensure safety and security of those in charge of the analysis in the center

· Continuing Education and Community Service Center

Continuing Education and Community Service Center at Al Azhar University - Gaza (AUG) was established as a result of the university commitment to its development program and to its academic, professional and national responsibility towards the Palestinian society as a national leader institution in the field of Higher Education.

The center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization aims to serve the Palestinian society through offering extra-curricular and curricular training and educational activities. The center seeks to finance its activities through communicating with international organizations to get the necessary support to carry out its services.


The center seeks to achieve a sophisticated Palestinian society with high professional skills able to build a modern Palestinian state.


1- To strengthen the University’s relations with the Palestinian community through organizing activities and events.

2- To enhance leadership, practical and professional skills in our graduate students.

3- To extend all forms of knowledge and scientific awareness to different community sectors and individuals through holding training courses and programs in coordination with the concerned parties in the university.

4- To contribute in youth development and empowerment.


The center offers many activities that can be implemented individually (through academic or administrative university staff), or through partnership with local or international organizations. The center aspires to distinguish itself through implementing different activities. It offers activities such as short and intense training courses, long training courses, conferences, workshops, entertainment and awareness activities, and internal/external visits.

Target group

1- All community members

2- University students

3- Graduate students

4- University staff members

5- School students.

· Institute of Water and Environment

Founded in 2007 as a successor to the Water Research Centre (WRC), the Institute of Water and Environment (IWE) is one of the leading institutes in the Gaza Strip in the field of water and environment, with a nationwide reputation for high quality and good services. The decision to establish IEWS came as a result of the severe conditions of the water and environmental sectors in Palestine. IEWS aims to serve the Palestinian people through providing education, training and consultancy services as well as supervising master programs related to the water and environment field. It also undertakes the applied research for Palestinian water and environment sectors.


Contributing to environmental protection and improving the utilization of water resources through education, training and research within the framework of local and international partnerships.


The institute seeks excellence in environmental and water research at the local, regional and international level. IEWS works to be a basic source of scientific information related to environment and water studies and to prepare promising leaders in this field.


· To offer graduate study programs.

· To conduct research projects and short-term training courses.

· To support the activities of the related governmental and non-governmental organizations.

· To provide consultancy services to the water and environmental sectors.

· To develop an electronic library for students in the Environmental science.

· The National Teacher Development Center

The National Teacher Development Center was established in 2011 as an addendum quality in the educational field .The center was the product of the project entitled "A National Teacher Development Center for the Academic &Professional Development of Pre-Service Future Teachers", implemented by the quality improvement fund (QIF) – Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The project was formed from a collaborative partnership among Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG), Islamic University-Gaza and Al Aqsa University.

The center was established to meet the needs of the educational faculties in the Palestinian universities through training and developing the capacity of faculty members, pre-service teachers and those interested in the educational field. The center has a computer lab equipped with 40 computers connected to Internet service, in addition to a video conference device, and other means of technology to serve the educational process and scientific research. Moreover, the center has a library which includes a large number of books and modern educational references in Arabic and English as well as an electronic magazine that follows up all new studies and research in the educational aspects at the local, Arab and international universities in both Arabic and English.


The center seeks to prepare an educational staff that meets the need of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education strategy on one hand, and international standards on the other. It also seeks to achieve a real and effective partnership with educational institutions at the regional and global levels to focus on the academic exchange programs, to learn from the experiences of others, and to provide excellent services to workers and students and those interested in the educational field.


Working together towards academic and professional excellence of teachers in order to upgrade the Palestinian educational reality


§ To enhance the capacity among academic staff in the Palestinian faculties of education

§ To support and encourage scientific research among academics, educational experts and teachers.

  • The Legal Clinic

    In consolidation of the foundations of the legal education, the Faculty of Law at Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) has adopted the Legal clinic. The Legal Clinic was inaugurated as part of "Advancing Legal Aid and Empower Vulnerable Groups" project funded by UNDP/PAPP.
    The Legal Clinic serves as a model of developing the clinical legal education, representing the link between the legal educational ideology and pedagogy. Therefore, it is based on the diversity of experiences and the distribution of tasks through practically tackling a variety of legal topics that include various aspects of the law away from the theoretical side of studying law.

    The Legal Clinic provides law students with hands-on-legal experience through allowing them to practice law in the actual environment as well as allowing them to provide legal assistance.


    The Legal Clinic seeks to enhance the legal education through the development of legal teaching mechanisms in order to develop the legal profession. It also provides many free legal services to create a society free of legal problems.