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(29/08/2016), H.E. Dr. Abdul Rahim El Farra, Ambassador of Palestine to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg

AUG President provided  H.E. Dr. Abdul Rahim El Farra with the university trophy as a tribute to his efforts to represent the Palestinian cause in all forums. 

(13/10/2016),AUG President participates in U.S-Palestinian Higher Education Dialogue

Prof. Dr. Abdul khalik El Farra, President of AUG, is currently participating in the first ever U.S.-Palestinian Higher Education Dialogue as a representative of Al Azhar University-Gaza (AUG). 

(24/08/216), A high delegation from the British Council- Palestine

Mr. Brendan Mcsharry, Director of the British Council in Palestine and Mr. Sohail Tarazi, Programs Director in Gaza visited AUG

(21/07/2016), Mr. Bo Schack, Director of UNRWA Operations

Mr. Bo Schack, Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, accompanied by UNRWA's team , visited the construction site of Auditorium and Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences buildings

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